Play Poker Online In Indonesia: Tips You Must Know

If you’re trying to get into the world of online gambling in Indonesia, then there are two classic casino games that you’re sure to come across – slots and poker! Yes, poker has been a favorite for long. And its popularity continues to grow even in its online version. 

A large section of the Indonesian population is engaged in online gambling today. If you want to join the bandwagon too, then you should first learn the right ways of getting into Poker Indonesia. Here is how you can play online poker in Indonesia without any hassle.

Get registered on a genuine poker website:

Playing poker requires you to have access to a genuine poker website first. The good news is that the Indonesian casino market is flooded with the best poker sites and online casinos. Hence, you won’t have any trouble locating a good poker site.

Here’s a word of caution – there are no strict “internet” gambling laws in Indonesia. Consequently, unlucky players may even land up on fraudulent sites. This is why you need to research well so as to pick an authentic site.

Once you have found your ideal website, check the types of poker variations offered by the site. You should pick a site that ticks all the boxes for you! Common poker variations such as Texas Holdem are available on almost all poker Indonesian sites. Regardless of what you choose to play, make sure to read the rules of each game before you sit at the table.

Try out Play Money games first:

If you don’t already know, the term Play Money simply refers to ‘fake’ money. Play money tables are created for newbies so as to give them the opportunity to experience how it feels to play online poker in real. You won’t be depositing any money while playing at a Play Money table. Instead, you’ll be up against other players and play with fake chips provided by the site.

As a newbie, you should focus on playing the Play Money games for the first 2-3 days. This way, you can educate yourself about how poker works and get acquainted with the gameplay.

Learn bluffing:

Bluffing is a top strategy applied by most experienced poker players. It may sound easy, however, bluffing is quite a difficult art to master. Everybody can bluff, but not everybody is good at bluffing. 

If you can learn the right ways to bluff, it can convince your opponents that you have a good hand, even when you have a bad hand in reality. Also, remember, too much bluffing isn’t good too! So, make sure to change your strategies, and never make the mistake of bluffing the same way twice.

Always much your cards at the end:

After the end of a round, if all your opponents have folded their hands, or whenever you know you have lost the hand, it is best if you don’t show your cards to the table. When you successfully bluff your opponents, you may want to boast about it by showing your cards. But this way, you’re giving away your tricks to your opponents, thereby making them aware of your poker strategies. This is why you should always muck your cards, especially if you’re playing poker for the money.