6 Facts You Have Never Known About Online Casinos

Online casinos have created an incredibly attractive industry. Hundreds of thousands of gamblers play every week from the comfort of their homes without the need to go to Monte Carlo, Macau or Las Vegas. If you are planning to try new slots or even if you’re a seasoned player, here are 5 facts you have never known about online casinos.

The odds of hitting a Royal Flush are higher than in land-based casinos

How many times have you seen a Royal Flush in real-life poker? If you did at least once, you’re very lucky. The odds of hitting the famous Royal Flush in poker is 1 in 649,740. Awfully bad odds, that’s true. You might believe that you will never see one playing poker. However, they pop up in online casinos more than you think.

That is because we normally play less hands of poker an hour in real-life situations (about 10 as a matter of fact). On the other hand, one can very well play 60 to 70 hands of poker online at various casino websites.

The number of unique possible poker hands is…

Over 2.5 million. If we do the math with a traditional 52-card deck, there are actually 2,598,970 possible 5-card hands that you could easily land.  That’s exactly why is so hard to get a Royal Flush.

Bonuses and promotions have strict wagering requirements which are rarely met as an amateur

Almost any online casino boasts a Welcome Bonus (aka First Deposit Bonus) in addition to other weekly or monthly reload bonuses, no deposit bonuses, deposit method promotions and many more. The thing is, if you are a newbie, it’s almost impossible to tackle the wager requirements successfully. If the minimum deposit is $20 and the playthrough requirement is 30 times your initial deposit + bonus (let’s say 100% up to $100), that means you need to wager $40 x 30, which equals $1200.

While it’s amazing that you can benefit from such offers, you don’t always know what’s behind the promotion, and terms and conditions should always be read.

They offer a solitary experience

We all know the atmosphere in a land-based casino – at least from the movies. Unlike gambling in such a casino, online gambling is a private experience, which is not always a bad thing. Video slots, for instance, are still played in a bustling crowd of gamblers with the familiar clinking of returned coins inside of a land-based casino. As an online gambler, one experiences different sounds.

Every online casino plays by its own rules

Most online casino make their own rules per game and per site. In addition to this, those rules may vary by country. As we said earlier, all bonuses and games are not developed equal. Make sure you read the terms and conditions before you begin. You are still accountable for your bets, even though you are not within the walls of an actual Las Vegas casino.

You still need to know your game

You may think you need to be prepared when you touch foot inside a casino. The rules of the casino must be known before starting. The same goes for online casinos. You need to know all ins-and-outs. There will be a learning curve when you begin and don’t expect huge wins from the start.

Learn the lingo and understand the gameplay.

For instance, 777extraslot boasts many online casinos where you can get to grips with certain slots. Understand the jargon associated with a specific game, as well as the general rules, and you will win.