Your Guide to online poker in Indonesia

There’s no doubt that the online gambling scene in Indonesia is growing by leaps and bounces. And poker is proving to be more popular among many of the crowds. Yes, there are considerable restrictions imposed in the country. So, these services do not blatantly advertise themselves. Also, this means you shouldn’t just sign up to the first online gambling platform you see. It’s more advisable to go for reliable platforms like idn poker99 if you want to get started right away.

Legal Issues

Now, before you whip out your gambling hat, there are legality issues you have to know. Owing to Islamic law and government regulations, outright gambling is prohibited in the country. The restrictions include other faith-related prohibitions like alcohol consumption, betting on games, etc.

However, websites invariably find ways of navigating legal loopholes to deliver services that people want. And as far as poker and online gambling go, the demand is there for sure! The amount of traffic that platforms like idn poker 99 generate is proof of this demand.

So, is online poker legal in Indonesia?

To be fair, online gambling cannot be said to have full legitimacy in Indonesia. Most people consider poker as a skill-based game and not just a sheer betting game. But since it’s clubbed with other gambling and casino games, it still comes under the illegal banner.

However, in a country of over 260 million people, there are obviously a lot of players who want to give online poker a shot. So, finding the right sites and information becomes a must for many players.

Despite the legal hurdles, the good news is that there are tons of online platforms available today. The bad news? Not all of them are equally reliable. You’ll come across a lot of questionable and spam-infested sites that offer the best poker games but can’t really deliver.

In this scenario, trying to find the right site and platform for your online poker can be a tough task. Fortunately for you, we’ve already done that work for you. After scouring dozens of websites, we’ve found the ones that most people trust and rely on. We’ll not bore you with a long list of websites and platforms, but we’ll show you a brief gist of how to get started.

How to play online poker for Indonesia

The most convenient option is to go for a widely-used platform like idn poker99. This way, you can easily register and get your account started. Once that’s done, playing and enjoying is just a click or tap away.

Here are some basic/overall steps on how to get on board.

  • Go to the idn poker99 website from your browser.
  • Find the registration section and create an account.
  • Creating an account is a fast and simple process here. All you have to do is enter/submit some credentials and information so that your account is authentic.
  • Once done, you’ll get a verification or activation code through the email or phone number you’ve provided (Don’t worry, these details stay private).
  • Activate your account through this code, and you’re ready to begin!